Growing enrollment
Reducing footprint

Case Study: University of Michigan

UM had a big incoming freshman class and a big commitment to sustainability.

Highly focused on the future, sustainability encompasses one of the University’s core values. How do you get thousands of incoming freshmen to join “the sustainability team” from day one?

Sustainability seen and remembered.

During freshman orientation, Planet Blue water bottles introduced students to the campus-wide sustainability effort.

University of Michigan water bottle being filled
Student signing his University of Michigan water bottle
Students showing off their Planet Blue University of Michigan water bottles
University of Michigan medallion
University of Michigan students looking at a laptop
Woman wearing University of Michigan gloves and hat
Women wearing University of Michigan clothing

A great, new campus tradition

Simultaneously launched across the system’s eight locations, 13,000 Planet Blue water bottles hit campus. Everywhere the bottle is seen, everyone remembers that they’re part of the University’s sustainability commitment.