Social Responsibility

The Image Group Social Responsibility Promise

Social Responsibility is central to our business approach.  We are committed to using our capabilities, expertise, resources, and partnerships to drive the long-term sustainability of our business, our stakeholders, and the communities where we work.


Environmental Impact

We have made several investments since 2018 to reduce our impact:

  • Installed LED lighting and motion-activated lighting switches in our Toledo headquarters
  • Introduced company-wide recycling of paper, printer cartridges, and electronics
  • Moved to eco-friendly screen printing inks and cleaning supplies
  • Reduced business-related driving and travel by encouraging remote work and virtual meetings

We have also reduced carbon impact by changing our order fulfillment processes to reduce the number of times items are being shipped to a warehouse or decoration facility prior to delivery to the end-user.  By reducing the number of touchpoints, we reduce carbon impact from the additional shipping and warehouse requirements.  Simply put, fewer steps mean lower cost and more eco-friendly.

Finally, we encourage our supplier partners to host virtual, monthly meetings with our team. Through these meetings, we are able to feature the latest sustainably manufactured products to our customers.


Quality and Compliance

The Image Group has adopted the industry’s most rigorous standards for quality and compliance. In 2020, we launched our Product Safety and Compliance e-learning course developed in partnership with the PEERNET Group and our industry’s leading expert. All sales team members were required to take the course and pass an exam.

Our safety and compliance standards are the cornerstone of our relationships. Our clients trust us to source safe products that are tested and made with quality materials. Additionally, our clients trust us to identify manufacturers that reject the appalling slave labor practices still in existence.

The Image Group has a Preferred Supplier Policy that requires our partners to provide compliance documentation for product safety and social responsibility.

Social Impact

While our business serves clients across the United States, The Image Group believes strongly in making a positive social impact in the communities where we work and live.  In December 2020, we announced the company would increase its charitable giving by $100,000 with a focus on early childhood education and food insecurity.

In total, we provide more than $200,000 of annual charitable giving.  We list below some of the supported charities.  In addition, we proudly support many of our client’s employee assistance funds because we consider ourselves a partner, not a vendor.  In that spirit, we view these contributions as investments in business partnerships.

Since 2019, The Image Group has made an effort to increase diversity across the company.  We believe diversity leads to a better understanding of the markets we serve and the people we lead.  We are committed to increasing minority representation at all levels of the business.

We have also created Employee Training and Career Development resources. We want all team members to achieve their personal and professional dreams working for The Image Group. In 2020, we implemented a Sales Associate Career Ladder.  This resource outlines the growth path for employees over the first ten years of employment in their role. We are developing career ladders for all divisions of the company.  This is the first of several initiatives focused on enhancing the employee experience and improving our business outcomes.

Doing Good