TIG Employee Spotlight:
David Berland

How long have you been with TIG?

I started at TIG in September of 2013 as part of TIG’s acquisition of LightHouse Brands.  The start date on my office nameplate (Oct 1, 2008) reflects the date I started at LightHouse Brands (that date carried over through the acquisition).

What do you love most/find the most rewarding about what you do?

I love the excitement of seeing a finished product – the completion of a creative project.  The most rewarding thing in my position is helping our sales team and our clients to deliver unique and creative solutions to promote their brand and message.

Most memorable experience in your career at TIG?

Planning and executing our TIG Marketing Expos are probably the most memorable experiences I have had.  There is a ton of work and detail which goes into the planning and execution, and to see all of our clients the day of our show, under our tent, engaging with our vendor partners, enjoying our creative lunches, and connecting with TIG in a strategic way – that is very fulfilling. I hope we can get back to those soon.

Favorite product/capability TIG provides and why?

I LOVE custom packaging products.  It provides us the opportunity to really create a WOW experience for our clients and to help them creatively tell their story.  Packaging is also a way for us to bring together all of our capabilities (promo, apparel, print, creative, fulfillment).

When it comes to your career, who has inspired you the most?

My dad has been my inspiration throughout my life (even when I didn’t realize it).  He taught me the value of hard work, of never giving up and how to work through problems to find the best solution.  He also taught me the importance of work/life balance and the need to step away and recharge in order to be the best I could be in my career.

What’s your superpower?

I wish I could say my superpower is that I could fly, but sadly I can’t (I used to dream about being able to fly as a kid).  My superpower is Calm.  I don’t get rattled at stressful situations. I have the ability to stay very even keeled and work through situations which are stressful, rather than reacting, or overreacting, to them.

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